Herb Focus: Mugwort

Who doesn't love a good Harry-Potter-sounding herb? Mugwort has a name that would be entirely at home with some of Harry's other gobbledygook terms, and yet it is a real-life herb that has a long and detailed history as a medicinal plant and an integral part of one's altar.

Mugwort belongs to the genus Artemesia, plants relating to the Greek goddess of the moon, giving the herb a lunar attribution that also explains why mugwort is considered a powerful option for divination and dreams. It is also considered a protective herb, and can be sprinkled outside doorway to fend of negativity, or incorporated into protective spellwork as part of a ritual or spell. We feature it in our Protection :: Crystals and Salts Jar and often use it to cleanse our space before embarking on meditations or projects.

Mugwort is a witchy favorite that can be easily found in most apothecaries and even, sometimes, in grocery stores. In tea, it can be quite bitter, and too much consumption can be toxic to the liver. There is a history of smoking mugwort as the "sailor's tobacco," due to its flavor. Many will burn mugwort alone or in incense when spell casting for protection and to increase divinatory efforts, and it can also be incorporated into incense to be easily paired with other elements.