Ostara: A Celebration of Balance

Falling on the Spring Equinox, Ostara is the second springtime sabbat of the Wheel of the Year, and the final sabbat of the dark half of the wheel. March 20 marks the moment when darkness and light are even; this is why balance is a critical part of the celebration of Ostara.

Cherry Blossoms Blooming

Springtime blooms are emerging all around us, and it is time to declutter and start afresh. This can be both a physical exercise and a mental one, as we look both outward (to clean/organize our space) or inward (as we clear out toxic thoughts or ideas that are no longer serving us). With Ostara comes new beginnings, and the time is ripe for change. After laying the groundwork for springtime blossoms over the final days of winter, it is time to see the early steps of growth.

Here are a few ways to celebrate Ostara:

  • Many deities are associated with this sabbat, which is considered a time of abundance and growth. Whichever deity speaks to you, take this opportunity to reconnect.
  • DIY a besom and do a spring cleaning ritual, making way for spring's tidings.
  • Dye eggs; natural colorants abound and make the experience closer to Mother Earth.
  • Prepare your altar with traditional symbols of Ostara: rabbits, eggs, serpents, flowers and other blooms, the color purple, the sun, rose quartz and aquamarine crystals, and anything that speaks to you this season.
  • Do a seed or planting ritual; show love to the green things in your life.
  • Take a walking meditation to observe the emerging spring that surrounds you.
  • Undertake a creative endeavor; this is the season for new beginnings!