Ritual Bath Salts

Our ritual bath salts are made of thoughtful blend of cleansing salts, invigorating essential oil scents, and healing herbs. Each ritual bath salt is a customized combination guided by the specific properties of the ingredients selected.

To use: scoop a heaping spoonful (or two!) of bath salts into a warm bath to create a sacred and rejuvenating ritual; set the tone for your relaxation and treat it as a meditative moment. The small crystals included can be placed directly in the water or alongside bathing space to help set your intention. Alternatively, they can be held in your hands prior to your bath to help ground you and guide you before soaking.

Salts and other ingredients are for external use only; do not ingest. All bath salts are made with skin-safe ingredients, but it is always best to be practice caution with new elements that come in contact with the skin. Ritual bath salts may also be used as sacred altar salts, or sprinkled around the home for healing purposes.

Disclaimer: By law we are required to say that these products are sold as curious, and that this item is not meant to replace medical treatment or to diagnose, treat or prevent any type of disease. Refunds or exchanges are not permitted. Products on this site cannot be internally ingested.