In the Woods at Midnight is a sister company of Frigg's Mercantile, a collective studio space in Portland, Oregon. Frigg's was named after the Norse goddess of the home, a mysterious figure whose name is echoed in the English word "Friday" (Frigg's Day).

Whispers of history indicate that Frigg was a powerful figure, the goddess associated with fertility, marriage, the household, love, sexuality, prophecy, and ancestral wisdom. She was also a practitioner of magick, and was thought to divine or alter the future through ritual.

Frigg's Mercantile as an umbrella business produces several product lines; In the Woods at Midnight is one such line. Born when the studio had to temporarily close due to COVID-19 restrictions, In the Woods at Midnight features ritual items that heal, soothe, inspire, ground, or manifest at a time when many in the throes of fear, anxiety, and unrest.

With a focus on spiritual healing, natural products, and ritual items, In the Woods at Midnight serves modern-day seekers with products used in various ritual settings. There is no right or wrong way to use them; rely on your intuition to make the experience most meaningful to you. However you choose to use them, set your intentions and carve out the time you need to look inward and toward the future.

In the Woods at Midnight
3808 N Williams Ave #134
Portland OR 97227
(503) 893.5608