Protection :: Salts + Crystals Jar
Protection :: Salts + Crystals Jar

Protection :: Salts + Crystals Jar

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Spread the contents of our Salt + Crystals Jar around the inside/outside of your home, place them in a salt dish that sits in windows or doorways, or use them in your spellwork. The ingredients are unscented, extended the shelf-life of your salts, and broadening the possibilities for use.

The Protection Salt + Crystals Jar brings together the the fortifying herbs of mugwort and rosemary, coupling them with crystal chips of amethyst and black obsidian. Black salt, long-considered to be a protective element, blends with Dead Sea salt, which is a more versatile salt option.

Each jar comes in an individual box and a card with a few suggestions of ways to use your salts and crystals.Use the entirety of the jar at once or spread out small amounts over the course of your spell casting; there is no right or wrong way. Connect with yourself and determine what course of action serves your intended purpose.

Disclaimer: By law we are required to say that these products are sold as curious, and that this item is not meant to replace medical treatment or to diagnose, treat or prevent any type of disease. Refunds or exchanges are not permitted. Products on this site cannot be internally ingested.

Larger crystals in photos are not included.